Apple and berry pie
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Apple and Berry Pie


Who doesn’t love apple pie and to make it more moreish an addition of fresh or frozen berries.



8 serves

Prep time

1 hour

Cooking time

45 minutes


  • 2 1/2 cups/ 375 grams plain flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • pinch of salt

  • 2 Tbsp caster sugar

  • 2/3 cup / 160 ml olive oil

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 1 egg white, lightly whisked

  • 4 large green apples, peeled, chopped

  • 2 cups fresh or frozen berries

  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice

  • 1/2 cup/ 115 grams caster sugar

  • 1/2 cup water


  • Combine the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Combine the oil, egg yolk and 1/2 cup (125ml) of iced water. Stir into dry ingredients until combined. Knead until smooth. Divide into two portions, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 180°C.
  • Roll out one portion of pastry to line a 25cm round pie dish. Brush with egg white. Toss the apples in lemon juice. Add the sugar.
  • Peel the apples and cut into pieces. Cook in a pan with the sugar and 1/2 cup water. Cook until apples are just soft. No need to thaw frozen berries, just add to the apples.
  • Place the apples and mixed frozen berries in the pastry case. Roll out remaining pastry. Place over the apples. Press the edges to seal. Trim. Make 2 slits on top and decorate with leftover pastry. Brush with egg white. Sprinkle with a little extra sugar.
  • Apple berry pie
  • Serve with a light dusting of icing sugar and vanilla ice cream.

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